PART, an ARC Aerospace Industries Company and Boeing Fleet Services Partner is a leading supplier to the aviation industry offering a full range of aircraft MRO services. Our services include: Aircraft Heavy Maint. & Mods, Advanced Composite Repairs, In-House Level 3 NDT Services, Aircraft Preservation, Storage & Disassembly and AOG Field Team Support. PART is certified by the FAA, EASA, CASA, DGAC, ANAC, and DRC CAA. Our customers range from commercial airlines, leasing companies, OEM manufacturers, VIP Executive, and military and government agencies from around the globe. PART’s commitment to our customers is unsurpassed and evident by our willingness and ability to tailor our services to meet the individual needs of the customer.



PART Completes EMB-145 Tail Section Replacement

Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies, LLC (PART) completed its first Embraer 145 Aft Fuselage and Tail Section replacement at John F. Kennedy Airport, New York. The Chautauqua Airlines Aircraft N572RP was involved in a ground incursion when it was struck by an Air Jordan Airbus 340. The aircraft test flew with zero defects on the test flight. PART’s team members gained valuable experience in 2013 when they participated in the first tail section replacement outside the factory at Newark Liberty Airport. In addition PART’s team members have extensive experience with the Embraer platform as they have performed 4 Embraer 145 Nose Section Replacements, 3 Embraer 145 Series Wing Changes, a duel fuselage change on an ERJ-170, and an aircraft recovery of a Legacy 600 that was involved in a midair collision. “PART’s management team has a long history with Embraer and we look forward to becoming a world class maintenance provider for the Embraer Product Line” said John R. Gawsyszawski CEO of PART.

P.A.R.T Awarded Maintenance Contract by SF Airlines

Pacific Aerospace Resources and Technologies, LLC (PART) has entered into a new contract with the Chinese cargo airline, SF Airlines. The contract includes four B767-300 aircraft that will undergo C12 heavy maintenance inspections, AD/SB compliance, as well as engine and landing gear replacements. The work started in mid-October and is expected to run into the first quarter on 2016. “Our organization is very excited to have been awarded this work as we continue to grow our international customer base” commented John Gawsyszawski, CEO of PART.

P.A.R.T. to Expand Its Footprint to Yinchuan, China.

On September 10th, 2015, the executive team of Pacific Aerospace Resources and Technologies (PART) traveled to Yinchuan, China to attend the China-Arab State Expo 2015. Top Leaders from China and the Arabian countries were present at the Expo.

On behalf of PART, Chairman of the Board David Green entered a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Management Committee of Yinchuan Free Trade Zone. The agreement is to assist the Yinchuan creating an aviation park that combines aircraft manufacture, repair and maintenance service, aircraft financial service and tourism, making Yinchuan area a leader in the aviation field in China by combining the uniqueness of the Arabian States influence and PART’s expertise in the field of aviation.

“We plan to introduce foreign and domestic aviation companies into the newly developed Aviation Park while utilizing both commercial and general aviation airports of Yinchuan to their fullest potential in a phased approach” commented by Janet Vincent, Managing Member of PART.

The first phase of this project will focus on the Fixed Based Operation, Aircraft and Engine Leasing, Engineering, Aircraft Parts Distribution and a Training Academy. Initial investment of the first phase will be US $500,000,000. The City government of Yinchuan agrees to build the infrastructure needed for the first phase.