David Green
Chairman of the Board / President

david-greenAs Chairman of the Board and President of Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies, Mr. Green has over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry. This includes heavy emphasis on business start-ups, acquisitions, innovative executive management and engineering/STC packages. He is among the highest qualified engineers in the United States, specializing in avionics/aircraft modification programs; successfully integrating hundreds of new systems into older aircraft.

In 1997, Mr. Green joined Flight Options where he was instrumental in the start-up of the organization. He oversaw all maintenance and helped expand a fleet of 3 aircraft in 1997 to over 200 by the year 2002. He also set up 5 different maintenance bases and had over 300 employees. He negotiated the first ever Power By the Hour program for avionics in the business aviation community.

In 2002, Mr. Green started Constant Aviation and Air Services, beginning with 4 employees. The companies then grew rapidly to 6 different locations with over 200 employees and sales of over $20M. While at Constant Aviation he also oversaw and assisted in developing a re-engine program for the Beechjet 400A, which is now one of the most successful re-engine programs in the world.

In 2012, David Green joined ARC Aerospace Industries as Director of Operations and played a most important role for ARC’s successful growth and expansions.

Janet Vincent
Managing Member

As Managing Member of Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies, Ms. Vincent brings 20 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience from various industries. She has been Founder and Owner of 5 companies ranging from aviation, telecommunication, real estate development and international business consulting. She currently is Chief Executive Officer of ARC Aerospace Industries, an aviation company specializing in aircraft acquisition, dismantling, part distribution and aircraft recycling. In 2012, ARC became the largest aircraft recycling company in the world, recycling over 100 aircraft annually. ARC further expanded its operation into the MRO channel, in 2013, by purchasing Pacific Aerospace Resources and Technologies, LLC in Southern California and Sugarland Avionics in Houston, Texas.

Janet Vincent holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

John Gawsyszawski
Chief Executive Officer

john-gawsyszawskiWith 29 years in the Aviation industry, Mr. Gawsyszawski has held executive positions in Aircraft Maintenance, Airline Operations, Sales, Aircraft Manufacturing and Customer Support; along with being Chief Executive Officer for Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies.

Before joining PART, Mr. Gawsyszawski was the Vice President of Business Development for Air Services, while in this position he increased sales revenue from four million to over one-hundred million dollars within seven years. Prior to that role, he was responsible for all maintenance operations in Cleveland, Ohio, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, L.A., California, Birmingham, Alabama and Las Vegas, Nevada.
From 2003 to 2007, Mr. Gawsyszawski was the Senior Customer Account Manager for Embraer Aircraft Corporation Executives Jet Division for North America and the Caribbean. He led the Flight and Maintenance Customer Support Teams for existing and potential customers for the Legacy 600, and Lineage 1000 product lines.

From 1996 to 2003 Mr. Gawsyszawski worked with Air Services as the Manager of Airline Operations and was eventually promoted to the positon of Vice President of Maintenance.
During his tenure with Air Services, his team made history with Embraer, completing the first nose section replacement of an Embraer 145. His team also went on to complete six additional nose section replacements and was the first and only group to remove and replace two fuselage sections on an Embraer ERJ-170.

Vice President, Operations
Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks

Vice President, Regional Operations
Brian Matousek
Brian Matousek

Director, Quality
Keith Gawsyszawski
Keith Gawsyszawski

Director of International Market
Cecile Lin
Cecile Lin

Chief Financial Officer
Leigh Wang